How Do Touchless Kitchen Faucets Work

How Do Touchless Kitchen Faucets Work: Living in the times of modernity and technology, almost everything we invest in now is about luxury and making our lives better, faster, easier, and simpler. For some, this luxury is most needed in the kitchen – a place where we spent almost half of our day, managing the chores. Nowadays, many people seem to be investing in a touchless faucet to ease their life in the kitchen. Do you also happen to know about it?

Don’t worry if you don’t because today, we are going to tell you everything you should know about a kitchen touchless faucet. One of the most amazing kitchen appliances you can get for yourself in 2022 is a touchless faucet. This smart faucet is a sure way to ease your dishwashing routine as well as helping you with your other sorts of kitchen tasks.

Before we go on to discuss the working of a kitchen faucet, let us first know what it exactly is and how it facilitates your life.


Ways to Do Touchless Kitchen Faucets Work
Ways to Do Touchless Kitchen Faucets Work

What Is A Touchless Kitchen Faucet?

You know what a faucet is, right? Now, imagine the process of turning a regular faucet on and off, is it a bit time taking and boring? We mean, why can’t you just show your hand to your faucet anywhere for it to turn on within a second? Sounds interesting, right?

Well, this is exactly what a touchless faucet does. It is otherwise a regular looking tap that comes with a specified sensor either on top or bottom or its body. All you have to do is to take your hand to the front of the sensor and wave from a distance. The faucet will instantly turn on. The second wave of hand, and the faucet will stop running.

While this seems to many like no big of a deal. It can actually ease your kitchen routine in unimaginable ways. A smart faucet will turn on and off within seconds, saving a lot of your time and keeping your chores going in a flow.

Now that you know the basics of what a touchless faucet can do for you, it is about time we dive deeper into its working mechanism.

How Does A Touchless Faucet Work?

Almost all touchless faucets and any other appliance working with sensors works on capacitive technology. To simply define it, this technology basically interprets the sudden changes in capacitance and charges around the point where it is installed.

As humans, we are capable of giving away some amount of current or capacitance around us. When we bring our hands near the point where the faucet’s sensor is installed, a capacitance of a very minute amount is created in that area.

This capacitance is quickly taken as a signal by the sensor that then turns on the faucet and the water begins flowing. Then again, when you bring your hand near to the sensor, the capacitance drop will be judged and the sensor will again signal the faucet to stop.

Sometimes, bringing a metal object in front of the sensor can also cause capacitance changes. These do turn on the faucet and begin the water’s flow too. However, too many changes in the capacitance around the sensor can ruin its proper working. Hence, we advise you to keep metal objects away from your smart faucets and other devices that work on sensors.

How To Keep Your Touchless Faucets Working Longer

Since they work on sensitive sensor technology, smart faucets require a little bit of your extra attention if you want them to last you longer than your conventional faucets.

Well, here is a little good news. Touchless faucets do not require you to put in a lot of extra effort to be kept clean and working well. All you need to do is to clean them with a little bit of attention to those parts where the faucet’s electrical components are.

 Other than that, the following tips can help you be a better caretaker when it comes to cleaning your touchless kitchen faucets:

  • Do not use any harsh chemical to clean the faucet no matter what. Keep the chemicals at a distance from the battery pack of your faucet too. Try not to delay the cleaning to such an extent that only chemicals can cleanse the faucet.
  •  If your faucet’s battery is dead, try not to delay any further and get it replaced from an authentic source. It is best to contact the same people who installed your faucet in the first place. Also, make sure that the size, rating, and functionality of the new battery is exactly similar to that of the original battery. Using batteries other than the ones recommended is something we won’t recommend ever.

·         Do not discard the old battery in water or fire. It can cause a lot of damage.

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