How Long Does Instant Pot Take to Preheat

How Long Does Instant Pot Take to Preheat: If you have a passion for cooking then one can never have too many kitchen appliances in their house. One of the most popular cookware is an instant pot. An instant pot is quite useful as food can be ready in an instant. Cooking soups, broth, meat, veggies, and boiling rice has never been easier! However, if you haven’t used an instant pot before, it is vital that you first learn to operate this particular cookware.

An instant pot has very remarkable features that make cooking seem effortless. The most essential part of cooking with an instant pot is understanding how much time it requires to preheat. Clueless? Well, this article will tell you all that you need to know about preheating an instant pot. An instant pot usually takes around 10-15 minutes to preheat. But this too depends upon various factors that can affect the time required for preheating. 


How Long Does Instant Pot Take to Preheat
How Long Does Instant Pot Take to Preheat

How Long Does Instant Pot Take to Preheat

The following Factors Influence the Preheating Time.

The Pressure State

The building of pressure is the key process of cooking food in an instant pot. The pot needs to have enough pressure built for the food to cook properly. This is known as the preheating process.

The Quantity of Food

Even though 10-15 minutes is the average time required by the instant pot to preheat, it can increase if you have added more food to the instant pot. Hence, the time to build the pressure will increase as well which can take the preheating time to 20-25 minutes. Ultimately, if the quantity of food is less then the preheating time can decrease as well

 The Model and Size of the Pot

There are various kinds of pots available in the market. From steaming pots to instant pots, candy making pots, etc. All of these have different preheating times. Hence, the type of instant pot you have and the size can determine the preheating time. All models do not have the same the preheating time

You must always remember that the food will only start cooking if enough pressure has been built in the instant pot.

Releasing the pressure is also another important part of the instant pot which is very much similar to preheating.

Two Ways to Release Pressure From Instant Pot

Slow Release

This is the method used when you are making items like stew, broth, or meat. In other words, food that takes time to cook! Slow-release takes time because you have to let the pot sit so that it will release pressure on its own.

Fast Release

As the name suggests this method is used when the food is ready in a few minutes such as rice or steamed veggies. You will notice that the instant pot has a pressure release button so when you press that button, all the pressure would be let out. This procedure is not recommended for food that takes longer to cook.

If you have been using an instant pot for quite a while, you will notice that at times it gets stuck on preheat mode. This can be quite frustrating so you must be wondering, what to do in such a scenario.

What Should You Do if the Instant Pot is Stuck on Preheat?

Operating an instant pot is pretty straightforward. When you turn on the instant pot, the “ON” sign would appear. First, the pressure is built and the preheating process starts. After the instant pot reaches its required temperature limit, the timer is automatically turned on.

However, at times the timer does not get switched on. This is because the pressure is not being built and the preheating process does not start… is stuck!

Check the Sealing Ring

At times the Sealing ring of the instant pot might need realigning or it might be broken. It is recommended that you change the Sealing ring after every few months. It can get loose and the pressure might not be built as the steam is escaping from the pot. Therefore, check the Sealing ring of the instant pot first.

Seal the Release Valve

The release Valve aids to release the pressure of the pot however, the pressure might not be built in the first place as steam can be escaping. Hence, you need to seal the release valve for the preheating process to start.

 Final Verdict 

 Folks, now you have understood everything you need to know about the preheating of an instant pot. 10-15 minutes is the average preheating time required. So what are you waiting for….get cooking in that instant pot! 

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