How to Get Rid of Pot Worms

How to Get Rid of Pot Worms: Ever seen white wiggly worms in your garbage bin, plants, or the compost pile? Those thread-like inserts are called pot worms.

Pot worms are just like any other worms that thrive and eat waste. Are they dangerous? Not necessarily, they are just worms that eat your garbage. However, if you have a pile of compost; pot worms should be taken as a sign that the conditions or the pH level of the compost are not correct. Moreover, if you have pot worms in the garbage bin; they aren’t a very pretty sight to be looking at. In fact, they actually creep some people out!

Got a garden full of flowers but the pot worms are damaging them? All your hard work of gardening ruined?

Thus, if you would like to know how to get rid of pot worms then read ahead as the tricks that we provide can help you get away from the wiggles.

Why Finding Pot Worms is Alarming?

Pot worms won’t harm you directly but they are damaging the compost that you are trying to build. A rain shower or a change in the temperature, moisture, and humidity of the compost can lead to pot worms.

You should know that when the compost was built, the pot worms were already there but in small numbers. Now with the change in environment, they multiplied in number and the other beneficial worms like red worms that should have been in your compost are not doing well and dealing in number.

How to Steer Clear from Pot Worms?

Clean Out the Garbage Regularly

Pot worms can be found in the trash bin as well. After the rain, or if you have thrown away liquid items, the moisture and humidity can give rise to the pot worms population.

The easiest method is to clean out the trash bin regularly. Make it a habit that you do not let your garbage sit for more than a day. Not only will it stop the pot worms from increasing in number but taking out the garbage daily is hygienic as well.

Secondly, make sure that the trash bin is covered. Put it under a shade or inside a garbage cabinet so that no water falls into it.

Compost Pile Needs To Be Taken Care Off

Dry the Compost

Take a shovel and put the compost on the tarpaulin making an even layer. Put it out in the sun for 2-3 hours and you’re good to go!

Change the pH Level of the Compost

This can be done through various methods and mostly depends on the type of compost which you’re making. Regardless; to alter the pH you can add lime or phosphorus to balance out the compost.

Add Powdered Items

  • Crush Wood
  • Lime Powder
  • Egg Shell Powder

These are only some of the powdered forms that can be added to the compost to get rid of the pot worms.

The Old Bread Hack

You must remember that the rest of the hacks to finish the pot worms’ population are long-term solutions. Bread is only a temporary yet very useful tip.

Take the bread and dip it in milk. Once the bread is fully soaked, put it in the compost or garbage pile. The pot worms would wrap around the bread. Wear gloves and discard the bread (including pot worms).

Now that we have covered removing pot worms from the garbage and compost, let’s move on to the flower pots!

Taking Care of the Potted Plants

Change the Flower Pot

At times the population of pot worms has increased to such an extent that repotting is the only option left. In simple words, it means changing the pot of the plant.

Before doing that, there are several steps involved such as: 

  • Use tweezers and take out the pot worms which you’re able to locate.
  • When you take out the plant, wash the roots so that no pot worms eggs remain.
  • Never use the same soil in the pot, instead fill the pot with new soil. Also, add some fertilizer or compost.
  • You do not need to throw out the old pot. To make it reusable, wash it thoroughly with some bleach.

Bring Out Animals to Feed on the Pot Worms

Some natural predators feast on pot worms. They include frogs, birds, and even fireflies. These are all plant-friendly predators, meaning they won’t harm the gardens and you’ll get rid of pot worms.

Give the Plants a Short Bath

Bathing plants? Sounds weird, doesn’t it? You’ll be surprised to know that filling a tub with water and dishwashing soap and soaking the plant for 20 minutes can do wonders.

The pot worms would try to escape. You can very easily catch them and throw them out.

However, if you’re worried that you’ll kill the beneficial insects like red worms then you can always first soak the plant in cold water. The red worms won’t be harmed, instead, they’ll start coming out of the water. Catch them and put them back into the plant or compost pile.

No More Pot Worms

Not all worms found in compost, garbage, or plants are harmful. However, there are insects like pot worms that need to deal with. Thus, you should always know hacks to get rid of them.

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