How to Pack Knives for Moving

How to Pack Knives for Moving: Moving to a new place is exciting but at the same time very hectic, especially the packing part. Everything needs to be packed and labeled carefully so that you don’t face any issues in the new home. Knowing how to pack each and every house item safely is very important so that you don’t damage any of the products.

How to Pack Knives for Moving

Kitchen appliances are the hardest to pack! Whether it’s an oven, dishes, cups, etc. One of the most important kitchen items which you must know how to pack for moving is knives. Hence in this article, we would provide you with a step by step guidance on how to pack knives for moving. Knives, as we all know are quite dangerous to handle due to their sharp edges thus they need to be packed with a lot of care and caution.

How to Pack Knives for Moving

Step 1: Clean the Knives

Those who have a knack for cooking have a whole collection of knives. Be it knives for cutting vegetables or trimming briskets; the point is that they can be quite expensive. Thus you would want to tend to them very delicately so that you don’t ruin them in the packing process.

Clean the Knives

To clean the blades, lay them out on the kitchen counter. Wipe the knives clean with a soft and wet sponge. Keep a dry cloth with you so that you do not damage the blades. Repeat this process for both sides and the wood handle. Make sure that you immediately dry the handle so that the wood isn’t ruined.

Step 2: Group the Blades Separately

Group the Blades Separately

If you have a few sets of blades then pack the knives which are of the same size together. Similarly, if you have special or unique blades like a Chinese Cleaver then pack them individually.

Step 3: Lay the Knives on Paper

Lay the Knives on Paper

After the blades are cleaned and grouped, lay them on the moving paper (or any other sheet). Place the knives on the paper and keep at least three inches distance between the blades.

Step 4: Carefully Wrap the Blades

Carefully Wrap the Blades

This step needs to be done with a lot of caution. Remember not to overlap the knives as they can get scratched. Thus, start wrapping the knives individually and roll them onto the moving paper.

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Step 5: Tape the Wrapped Blades


Tape the Wrapped Blades

You would want to secure the knives which you have rolled with the paper. Use moving tape and secure the ends and the middle of the paper. This way there will be little chance of the knives moving while being transported.

Step 6: Secure the Knives with Bubble Wraps

To provide extra protection to the blades from being ruined, wrap bubble wraps around the knives. Remember step 2 in which you had to group the blades? Use one bubble wrap for each group of knives. Now, even though you have wrapped each blade individually, by using one bubble wrap for the same set of knives, they will remain grouped.

Step 7: Place the Blades in a Moving Box

It’s time to place the wrapped knives in a box now. Try not to pack the knives with any item that can get a scratch from a blade. Regardless of the fact you have doubled wrapped the knives but there is no harm in being extra cautious.

Place the Blades in a Moving Box

If you have a small box then fill the empty spaces with socks, kitchen towels, or tissues. If you have a larger box then use clothes for the unoccupied space. By doing so, there will be a lesser chance of the blades moving around while being transported.

Step 8: Label the Boxes

Label the Boxes

Use a permanent red or black marker to write on the boxes. By labeling the boxes you will have less difficulty in the unpacking process as you would know which box has what item in them. Moreover, if you label the knives boxes then the movers would also know that they need to be extra cautious with that particular carton as it has sharp objects.

That Wasn’t so Hard to Pack Knives for Moving…Right?

Yes, we agree that moving and packing items to go to a new place can be quite tiresome. Similarly, if you don’t want your kitchen knives to get damaged in the process then we recommend that you follow these tips. Always remember to clean, wrap and label the blades while packing. So what are you waiting for….get those knives packed for moving!

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