How to Sharpen a Sushi Knife? Process for Sharpening the Sushi Knife Explained

How to Sharpen a Sushi Knife? As a chef, you are the luckiest being in this world if your sushi knife is perfectly sharp. Although a new knife is already sharp, you have got to do a little bit of sharpening after using it for some time. You can’t get away with sharpening a knife saying ‘it’s just a knife. The sharpness of the blade really makes a difference. 

A bad knife doesn’t glide through the meat smoothly. It tears it apart and very easily ruins the presentation of your meal. This is why never ignore the sharpness of the knife. 

Now, the question is how to sharpen a sushi knife? Not everyone knows the magic or the right trick to do so. 

How to Sharpen a Sushi Knife? – Steps to Sharpen a Sushi Knife

But hey, don’t worry! Sushi knife sharpening is no big deal once you get the hang of it. There are just a few steps you need to follow. Continue reading below to know what are those steps. 

Step 1:

How to Sharpen a Sushi Knife 

Firstly, you will need one of the best sushi knife sharpening stones. They are also commonly known as water stones or whetstones. Start by putting the stone in water for at least 15 minutes. The purpose is to let the stone absorb water. 

Once done, start working on flattening the stone. The stone has to be perfectly flat because only then you can get good results. Draw a grid on the sharpening stone and then rub it against the flattening stone. You can easily draw the grid with a simple pencil at your home. This should be done in a back and forth manner. Keep rubbing till the grid goes out of your sight. 

Step 2: 

How to Sharpen a Sushi Knife 

Now, this is where the real business starts, and the main answer to ‘how to sharpen a sushi knife?’ The whetstone is all set to be used once the grid is fully erased. You can finally start sharpening the knife from the low grit side of the whetstone. Keep moving the blade back and forth. Do it freely because the entire stone is for the knife. However, the pressure should be gentle and the angle should fall between 10 and 15 degrees. 

Rub each side against the stone twice and for five minutes at least. 

Pro Tips for Sharpening Sushi Knife:

  • The process needs to be started from the tip of the blade
  • Make sure the stone is placed on a dry surface 
  • Lift the handle a bit when sharpening 

Step 3: 

How to Sharpen a Sushi Knife 

The next step is to rub the knife against the high grit side of the sushi knife sharpening stone.  Do it the same way as you did before. Here you need to take care of a few things:

  • The whetstone should be wet 
  • Don’t remove the grinding residue 

Once done, rinse your knife in hot water. 

You are now good to go! 

Try cutting a piece of paper, wet sponge, or tomato to figure out whether you have successfully sharpened your knife or not. If you do it all uninterruptedly then congratulations, the process went successful. 

As long as finding the best sushi knife sharpener is concerned, that’s not a big deal either. You can conveniently order them online. There are plenty of brands that have whetstones at reasonable prices. 

It makes quite a lot of difference once you get your hands on the right knife sharpener. Even the oldest of knives get a new life this way.

Final Words – Sharpening the Sushi Knife 

We hope you now know how to sharpen a sushi knife. Our heart says you are going to make the yummiest sushi. Stay tuned for more kitchen hacks, tips, lessons, and so much more. 

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