How to Wire a Range Hood to a Plug

How to Wire a Range Hood to a Plug: Installing a range hood might seem like a complicated task, however, if you’re still unsure of how to plug it then you can always take help from a professional electrician.

This article would tell you all you need to know about wiring a range hood to a plug.

There are two ways through which you can do this. The range hood normally comes with a three hood plug that can be connected to a standard plug outlet or if the wire is not long enough then an extension can be used as well.

However, if none of these options are available then the best scenario is that you cut the plug and hardwire the range hood.

Here is a step-by-step procedure as to how you can hardwire a range hood to a plug.


How to Wire a Range Hood to a Plug
How to Wire a Range Hood to a Plug

8 Simple Steps to Hardwire a Range hood to a Plug

There are 8 simply ways to hardwire a range hood to a plug. 

Step 1: Locate the Breaker in your House

Every house has an electricity breaker which connects every light or appliance to the main power outlet.

Step 2: Cut off the Power to the Kitchen

If the breaker is properly labeled then simply cut off the power which is connected to the kitchen. If you haven’t labeled the outlets in the breaker then you can check which outlet is connected to the breaker.

This step is extremely important for your safety which ensures that no one gets hurt in the process.

Step 3: Use a Cutter to Expose the Wires

Since you won’t be using a standard plug to hardwire the range hood, you’ll need to expose the wires. To do that cut the plug using a wire cutter so you can use the wires.

Step 4: Cut off the Outer Rubber Coating

You can do this step with a wire cutter too. To expose the wires further you’ll want to cut the outer rubber coating as well.

Step 5: Check if the Wires Colors are Matching

You’ll want to make sure that the colors of the wires are matching. If they don’t then the range hood won’t work.

Step 6: Removing and Twisting the Wires

Now remove the wire caps and twist them together.

(Double-check that you have cut off the electricity connection of the kitchen)

Step 7: Attach the Wire Caps Back

This is used as a safety precaution so that the electricity runs properly through the wires.

Step 8: Turn the Kitchen Connection Back On

Turn on the breaker so that the kitchen power is back on. Now check if the range hood is working properly.

If it is not and you need to check against then ALWAYS turn the breaker off.

Does the Range hood Always Have to be plugged in?

Several individuals ask the question that does their range hood necessarily have to be hardwired into a plug? The answer is No!

If the range hood has an existing three plug then no need to hardwire it, just connect it to a standard plug.

Final Words on Hardwiring a Range hood to a Plug

Now that was quite straightforward, wasn’t it? All you had to was locate the breaker, get a wire cutter, and follow a few steps. Having said this, if you’re still confused at any step along the way the take help from an electrician!

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