How To Sharpen Henckels Knives

How To Sharpen Henckels Knives! Henckel knives are a popular choice for kitchen cutlery. They are known for their sharpness and durability. The knives are well-made and durable, but they need to be sharpened regularly to perform at their best.  However, over time, the blades can become dull. In order to maintain the sharpness of your Henckels knives, it is important to know how to sharpen them properly. 

How To Sharpen Henckels Knives

In order to keep Henckel knives performing at their best, it is important to sharpen them regularly. Dull knives are more dangerous than sharp knives because they require more force to use and are more likely to slip and cause an accident. In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to sharpen Henckels knives using a sharpening stone.

How To Sharpen Henckel Knives – Step by Step Instructions

There are a few steps to sharpen Henckels knives. 

Step 1. Making Preparations

Making Preparations

To sharpen your knife with a sharpening stone, you will need water, a towel, and the knife that you want to sharpen. Make sure to soak a sharpening stone in water for at least 5 minutes before using it to sharpen your Henckel knives. To keep the stone from moving, place it on its non-slip side on a wooden base or on a cloth.

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Step 2. The Correct Angle

The Correct Angle

There is a proper angle for sharpening Henckels knives. This angle should be around 20 degrees. A simple process can be carried out in just a few minutes. Find the dull spot on the blade and hold the knife at the proper angle and sharpen using short, consistent strokes.

Step 3. The Motion of Sharpening

The Motion of Sharpening

Using a bit of pressure, start moving the blade once the blade is at the proper angle. Raise and lower the blade as you move it across the whetstone. Make sure the knife and sharpening stone remain at an angle. The burr will appear after a few strokes. You need to sharpen it on both the front and back of the bolster.

Step 4. Change of Sides

Change of Sides

You need to slowly change the sides of the knife while sharpening. The side closest to the handle of the knife is called the “hilt” side, while the side farthest from the handle is called the “blade” side.

Step 5. Getting Rid of Burrs

Sharpening a knife Henckel or not results in a burr. The burr is the metal that is raised up on the edge of the blade. You can remove it by using a sharpening stone. Afterward, you should wash the knife underwater to get rid of the residue. You should dry your Henckel blade well and store it in a cool, dry place. 

Final Words on How To Sharpen Henckels Knives

In conclusion, by following the simple steps listed above, you can keep your Henckels knives sharp and in good condition. This will allow you to continue using them for all of your cutting needs.

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