How to Replace a Mobile Home Bathroom Exhaust Fan

How to Replace a Mobile Home Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Exhaust fans are a crucial part of every household. From the kitchen to a storeroom and most importantly, a bathroom, exhaust fans are found in mostly each room.

Fixing exhaust fans in the bathroom is very important as ensures that proper ventilation takes place, also the washroom is free from a damp smell.

Very often, exhaust fans can become faulty due to which they need to be replaced. Rather than calling a professional, you can very easily change and clean a bathroom exhaust fan on your own!

 Here is how!

How to Replace a Mobile Home Bathroom Exhaust Fan
How to Replace a Mobile Home Bathroom Exhaust Fan

11 Simple Steps to Change a Mobile Home Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Before you get started, you should have these items in hand. 

Materials Required

  1. Fan
  2. Duct Tape
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Nuts
  5. Connector

 Step 1: Cover the Area

To avoid a mess, cover the bathroom with a sheet. Also, remove any valuables from the washroom so they are not ruined.

 Step 2: Cut off the Power

Locate the main circuit breaker box and turn off the electricity of the washroom so you can change the exhaust fan without any danger of getting a spark or electrocution.

Step 3: Remove the Fan Cover

You would probably need a step ladder or chair to reach the fan. However, if the fan is placed above the shower, put a towel underneath the chair first to make sure you don’t slip. Next, remove the fan cover by pulling it downwards towards yourself.

Step 4: Unscrew and Remove the Motor

You would require some tools to remove the screws off the motor so you can take it out. This process is a bit time-consuming as the screws would be tight. Nevertheless, with a proper screwdriver, the nuts can easily be removed. Having done that, you can take out the whole motor.

Step 5: Unhook the Wires

Open up the electric junction and disconnect all the wires.

Step 6: Detach the Ceiling Fan Box

Use a screw to take out the nuts off the ceiling fan box. Push the whole box up into the ceiling space once you have unscrewed the fan box. Remove the duct tape; through this you will have unhooked the vent pipe from the box.

 Step 7: Get the New Exhaust Fan Ready

After having removed the ceiling fan box, you would have a hole left in the wall. Detach the new exhaust fan and motor housing from the ceiling box unit. The ceiling box unit would have a hole and in that part, put in and attach the connector and a new vent flapper.

 Step 8: Attach the New Electric Wire to the Fan

Wire the new fan to the electricity connection and attach it to the ceiling box. To make sure that the wiring is fully secured, attach the wire to the screws. Change the cover of the electrical junction box.

 Step 9: Fix the Fan Box to the Ceiling

The ceiling would have a hole; attach the ceiling fan box in that area. Attach the vent pipes to the ceiling and fix the pipes with tape to make sure that they are fully secured. Install the ceiling fan box and use screws to fully tighten it.

 Step 10: Plug the Fan

Plug the new fan with the ceiling box unit. Attach the motor housing to the ceiling box and use screws to secure them. Put the fan cover on top of the fan to finish off the job.

 Step 11: Turn the Electricity Power Back On

 Step 12: Test the Fan

Turn on the switch and run the fan to see if it’s working properly.

Now that you know how to fix a bathroom exhaust fan, here are some things which you should consider before starting!

Extra Tips

The Size of the Fan

If the size of the washroom is small then we recommend that you buy a small fan. This way the bathroom won’t feel clustered. Moreover, if you are replacing the new fan with the old one; purchase a fan that has the same dimensions as the previous ones. This way you won’t have to worry about making the ceiling hole large or small. Similarly, you can use the same wires too.

Fan Location

You should fix the fan at the very same place. This way you won’t have to make a new hole in the ceiling or build a new electricity connection. 

Final Verdict to Replace a Mobile Home Bathroom Exhaust Fan

So this is how you change a mobile home bathroom exhaust fan. Pretty easy right? However, after having done all these steps and any time along the way you get stuck in the process…. take help from a professional.

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